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Alongside cutting edge research, Biofuel Research Journal publishes reviews and perspectives covering active or emerging fields right across the biofuel and bioproduct sciences. Below, we highlight some of our exciting papers in the broad field of biogas research.

Simulation study of deep eutectic solvent-based biogas upgrading process integrated with single mixed refrigerant biomethane liquefaction
Haider et al.

In this article, biogas upgrading integrated with biomethane liquefaction is investigated. Deep eutectic solvents (DESs) comprising ChCl/urea, combined with water, are introduced for removing acid gases (CO2 and H2S) from biogas.

Comparison of pretreatment methods that enhance biomethane production from crop residues - a systematic review
Kamusoko et al.

This study is a systematic literature review comparing the advantages and disadvantages of biological, chemical, physical, and combined pretreatment methods for enhancing biomethane production from crop residues. he pretreatment methods are compared concerning their techno-economic aspects. The results show that physical and chemical processes are the most effective and fastest; however, these methods are still faced with some limitations which should be addressed.

An integrated approach to explore UASB reactors for energy recycling in pulp and paper industry: a case study in Brazil
Ferreira et al.

This study presents the development of a conceptual ‘systemic’ biorefinery framework integrating the treatment of pulp and paper mill wastewater with energy recovery through biogas production. The biogas is produced in an up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) reactor, and the results indicate both financial and environmental benefits.

Start-Up Phase of a Two-Stage Anaerobic Co-Digestion Process: Hydrogen and Methane Production from Food Waste and Vinasse from Ethanol Industry
Náthia-Neves et al.

In this investigation, a two-stage and semi-continuous anaerobic digestion is designed and investigated at the pilot scale. The trends of organic matter consumption and hydrogen and methane production are presented. The system is found suitable for co-digestion of food waste and vinasse.
A review on prospects and challenges of biological H2S removal from biogas with focus on biotrickling filtration and microaerobic desulfurization
Khoshnevisan et al.

This review discusses the challenges and future prospects of biotrickling filtration and microaerobic desulfurization of biogas. Despite all the progress made and the promising aspects keeping these methods at the core of interest, there are still challenges that have been discussed comprehensively.
Methods for determination of biomethane potential of feedstocks: a review
Jingura et al.

This paper aims to review several methods for the determination of biomethane potential (BMP). The advantages and disadvantages of the experimental and theoretical approaches have been reviewed. The choice of the method would depend on its efficacy, time requirement, and ease of application.
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Ongoing global endeavors to commercialize microalgal biofuels have expedited the application of multi-omics tools to gain molecular insights into the stress-induced lipid biosynthetic pathways and identify co-extractable high-value molecules (HMVs). While extracting these HMVs to their fullest from algal cells is challenging, identifying and quantifying phytochemicals of interest is a considerable step forward.

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