The December 2019 Issue of Biofuel Research Journal is out!

On the Cover

The effects of operating conditions on yield and quality of bio-oil produced through fast pyrolysis are significant, providing scientists with incentives to carry out further research to obtain more optimized conditions. In the current issue of Biofuel Research Journal, a team of Canadian researchers made great efforts to optimize four important parameters including pyrolysis temperature, solid residence time, nitrogen flow, and condensation temperature by using response surface analysis in order to yield the maximum amount of bio-oil with the lowest water and solid contents (DOI: 10.18331/BRJ2019.6.4.2). Their findings could be instrumental in removing the need for bio-oil post treatment, and consequently, discount the operating costs, prompting investors to commercially venture into biofuel production through biomass pyrolysis. Photography & Cover art by BiofuelResJ.