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Biofuel Research Journal (BRJ)

Biofuel Research Journal (BRJ) is an Open Access journal with completely Free-of-Charge publication policy (4 issues per year). BRJ publishes high-quality original articles, review articles, case studies, book reviews, short communications, and hypotheses on the fundamentals, applications, processing, and management of biofuel research and technologies. 

The journal's aim is to advance and disseminate knowledge in all the biofuel-related areas of biodiesel, bioethanol, biobuthanol, biogas, biomass, algae, bioreactions, bioreactors, membrane-bioreactors, fermentation, biorefinery (e.g. membrane separation technology), bioprocess, applied microbiology, combustion, and bioresource technologies associated with conversion or production of biofuel.

Moreover, novel and integrated biofuel processing and hybrid systems as well as energy audit for biofuel production plants are of interest. The journal also seeks to publish articles with a focus on the application of artificial photosynthesis for biofuels production, carbon footprint analysis, strategies for limiting green house gas (GHG) emissions, life cycle assessment (LCA) and exergy analysis of biofuel production/application pathways, compliance with the international standards (such as PAS 2050:2011 and ISO 14040:2006), technoeconomic analysis of biofuel production/application, impacts of biofuels production/consumption on climate change, futuristic pathways for biofuels production, and promotion of biofuel applications in the developing world for indigenous development. In addition to the above, BRJ also considers articles with a focus on on biofuels and bioproducts in Circular Economy and biofuels finance.

Biofuel Research Journal is indexed in Scopus and Web of Science (also known as ISI Web of Science).