Winners of the 29th annual Blue Planet Prize announced!


Prof. David Tilman of the United States of America and Dr. Simon Stuart of the United Kingdom were honored with the 29th annual Blue Planet Prizewidely considered the Nobel Prize for science that contributes to solving global environmental problems.

David`s latest article (DOI: 10.18331/BRJ2020.7.2.2) appeared in the June Issue of Biofuel Research Journal. There Yang and Tilman show that soil and root carbon storage is a more important contributor to greenhouse gas (GHG) savings for bioenergy derived from plants compared to fossil fuel displacement. The former directly removes CO2 from the atmosphere, whereas the latter benefit stems from avoidance of future fossil fuel GHG emissions, a pathway that is subject to a wide range of assumptions and uncertainties, especially the rebound effect of fuel market. The authors find that soil and root carbon storage rates tend to be higher in high plant diversity mixtures. Their article also featured on the Cover Page of the June Issue of Biofuel Research Journal.

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