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Volume 6, Issue 3

BRJ's September issue showcases outstanding biofuel research and review articles across the journal's broad scope. The issue features a comprehensive review articles on green liquid fuels from a microbial perspective as well as original research articles on microbial lipase-nanoparticle conjugates as robust catalysts for biodiesel production, an integrated platform including UASB reactor technology for energy recovery in the pulp and paper industry, and a novel combination of inoculum and pretreatment for biohydrogen production from fruit/vegetables wastes. 

We are also pleased to share with you that CiteScore Tracker for Biofuel Research Journal, as per 25 September 2019, is already at 5.06; higher than its most recent annual value of 4.30 (2018). 

We hope you enjoy reading this issue.

The Biofuel Research Journal Editorial Team


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A review on green liquid fuels for the transportation sector: a prospect of microbial solutions to climate change

Hamed Kazemi Shariat Panahi; Mona Dehhaghi; James E. Kinder; Thaddeus Chukwuemeka Ezeji

Candida rugosa lipase nanoparticles as robust catalyst for biodiesel production in organic solvents

Rohit Kumar Sharma; Crystal A. O'Neill; Hector A.R. Ramos; Bibek Thapa; Vanessa C. Barcelo-Bovea; Kavita Gaur; Kai Griebenow

An integrated approach to explore UASB reactors for energy recycling in pulp and paper industry: a case study in Brazil

Samuel Fontenelle Ferreira; Luz Selene Buller; Mauro Donizeti Berni; Sergio Valdir Bajay; Tânia Forster-Carneiro

Fermentative biohydrogen production from a novel combination of vermicompost as inoculum and mild heat-pretreated fruit and vegetable waste

María J. Pascualone; Marcos B. Gómez Costa; Pablo R. Dalmasso

  On the Cover

There have been on-going debates over microbial production routes of various liquid fuels against their synthetic counterparts; highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each! In this issue of Biofuel Research Journal, a comprehensive review paper by an international collaboration elaborates on the different aspects of various green liquid fuel from a microbial perspective. In the cover image, borrowing the most famous soliloquy in the works of William Shakespeare 'To be or not to be', the microbes of different type surrounded by a solid environment representing the synthetic world stress on their advantages in pulling it off! Cover art by BiofuelResJ.


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